NANA GOLMAR is the creative director of a couture millinery brand devoted to designing and chandcrafting hats, caps and and other accessories.


Nana estresses the importance of giving forth who we are, our authenticity, our self-confidence, as well as having our own style.

As a brand, we are fully aware of the power of a hat, and so we conceive every piece as a unique garment for each person and moment. It is not an “anything goes” item, but must enhance who we are and what we want to communicate. Of course, there will be always be a trendy side to it, but the more one embraces timeless trends and your own personality, the more lasting the garmet will be, and the better it will underpin the personality of the person in it.

The hat is a key accessory, tantamount to an act of courage as it attracts other people’s gaze.

Everyday we look at ourselves in the mirror, and often we wonder why we do this. Simply because our face is our hallmark, and we enhance it when we put a hat on.

What we communicate, what we reflect and the clothes we wear create a blend of energies joining together.

Throughout more than ten years spent at ther ateilier, Nana Golmar has been able to capture that tenth of a second in which the hat comes into contact with the head of its future owner, and and that such moment wonderful things happen.

An inescapable and deep smile, the bright look in their eyes; the shoulders rise, the body turns and what they see in the mirrow makes them feel good about themselves. Hence we know it is the right choice.

Nana Golmar interview with Marcos Luengo

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