Trilby Oak Burgundy Hat


Rabbit felt Trilby hat. Fedora crown and shor brim. Bugundy color. Slight incline towards the back of the hat. Wired brim. Hand blocked, hand shaped, hand sewn.

Material: 100% premiuum rabbit fur felt


  • Hat: Rabbit fur felt
  • Inner lining: 100% rayon grosgain ribbon
  • Size: 26 cm (10.2 inches); 11,5cm (4.5 inches) height


Oak style Trilby hat

A variaton of the Fedora hat with Fedora crown and short brim. Inspired by the XXth century. For all its classic character, it has become the accessory of choice for pop music stars and the young crowd.

Unisex hat, perfect for men and women alike.

In addition to being easy to match, the burgundy color bespeaks elegance and sophistication.

It stands out for its high quality. Slight front dip and up-turned at the back.

The Tribly brim is narrower than the Fedora’s, which makes it extremely well suited to everyday wear.


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