Mondrian Face Mask


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Striped fabric face mask with adjustable, elastic green or russet drawstring. Wash and care: 25 washes and infinite washes by replacing filter. Handwash, maximum 50º C (122º F). Ironing recommended. Do not machine wash, do not tumble dry.


    • Outer layer: 100% wool, a natural bactericide.
    • Lining: 100% certified, seamless cotton.
    • Replaceable filter.
    • Hygienic, reusable face mask (see certificate)

How to wear me

Place the drawstring around your neck and ears and adjust it by pulling gently both ear loops for a loose fit. Cover your mouth and nose to protect yourself and secure the face mask with the cord lock to ensure safety and comfort.





Mondrian face mask

Certified, reusable, striped face mask. It has a filter pocket which gives it infinite life.

Completed with orange, green or russet adjustable drawstring that also functions as hanging lanyard.