Luton English Cap


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Unisex, classic English flat cap. Camel and black plaid, wollen fabric. Luton style inspired by the duckbill and Ascot caps.


  • Fabric: 100% wool
  • Cap: Satin lining
  • Sweatband: 100% rayon grosgain ribbon


Englis Flat Cap for Men and Women

The shallow fit Luton flat cap is the perfect, 100% wool, insulating headwear for fall and winter.

Its camel and black plaid pattern is reminiscent of the 1970s, one of most recurring periods in fashion because of its countless trends and options.

It adapts and fits comfortably around your head and across your forehead, and its simple design allows for great mix and match versatility. An invariably elegant, classic cap brought up to date.

The perfect cap for your everyday style!